just a sunday night at home

yesterday i spent about 5 hours on the phone. and it was great to catch up with my brother, my wonderful friend anna, and talk one last time to my mom, dad, and sister before they left on the cruise today. but it definitely drained me. and i felt awful because by the time nate called me i was getting ready for bed and felt completely talked out. i never knew what my talking limit was but about 5 hours on the phone must do it. i think i just started feeling restless too because in that time i wasnt able to get anything done. so much for this weekend being used to get ahead in work. but thats ok. it was still exactly what i needed.

saturday was a great afternoon with sarah. the morning consisted of laundry and grocery shopping and general housekeeping stuff for my parents. then that afternoon sarah and i cheered on butler at her house while snacking on stuffed mushrooms and moscato wine (great game food right?) haha we always think we’re classy. we also made chicken parmesan for her family during the game and it was delicious. after dinner she came over to my house to spend the night with me and ginger and we just caught up. i went through haiti as best as i could with her and then she helped me pick out some toms shoes. im so excited to get them. and im so glad to have the best friend that i have. i couldn’t have been more blessed from the lord to have her in my life. wonderful wonderful blessing and just what i needed this weekend.

while ive been home, ive begun to consider the possibility of living at home next year… and its very appealing. however if gas stays up, it will be cheaper to just rent a place. im going to work on it though. especially if i get a job in indy or around here for the summer, this option may become even more feasible. time to start job hunting.

the sandlot

I have an idea. It occurred to me over the fresh clean scent of my warm laundry coming out of the dryer. Not only do I want to list the things that I have been blessed with this week, but I also want to write a goals list for the coming week. Something to help motivate me and get me going and to enjoy the week :)

  • read one chapter in a book, any book, just for pleasure
  • sit outside on the front porch for lunch (*crossing my fingers that its warm out)
  • make a delicious TND (tuesday night dinner)
  • make conversation with a stranger
  • go for a long bike ride
  • apply for a scholarship
  • find God throughout the day, especially in the rough times

Ok, thats about it for now. I don’t want to get too ambitious because then nothing will get done, but at least there’s a few things I can start with :) Can’t wait for this week!